Wine and Art a good match – Meerendal, Durbanville

Meerendal Wine Estate has launched an art gallery called Art at Meerendal! I attended the launch on Monday, 27 March and could already see some good improvement from when I visited a few months back. The room is quite spacious and there are different types of art so I have broken it down for you …


Wine is always top of my list when it comes to art 😉 Meet winemaker Liza Goodwin, who is very experienced. She is carrying on the tradition of the first female winemaker of the farm in 1702!

Meerendal has some great red wines (being the first in the Cape to plant Shiraz and Pinotage Vineyards) – they are best enjoyed with FOOD so don’t drink these on its own, order the platter. They also produce some pretty good Sauvignon Blanc.


Yes, food is art too! Especially when it looks like this!

Can you believe that local Pizza joint, Carlucci’s has created this work of art to eat!? Well done I say!



The service has also improved. No more one man band but two ladies dressed elegantly in black who were very friendly and quick to ensure glasses were full at all times. Pictured here below with the daughter of local artist, Natasha Nel, Ksenia Nel.

Great Stories of personal growth

I absolutely love hearing about the backgrounds of the artists. This is Natasha Nel, who was originally from St Petersberg, Russia and owned her own law firm for 13 years. But her move to Cape Town saw a radical change in career ambition and interest – Art!

I was also pleased to meet my all time favourite artist, Ann Gadd who I had read about during my days at the AAA School of Advertising. She worked for many years in advertising until she listened to her gut and took the leap to  ditch her career and rather create fun and quirky art like the below – notice the wine? I like her 😉

I couldn’t afford this beautiful piece of art at almost R9000 (starting to save now!) but I did purchase some hilarious coasters (6 for R250).
My favourite is the “Baabaalas” one (classic for all my Afrikaans friends) and of course “Liquid Assets” (a girl can never have too many!).

Here is Ann below, with husband Anthony who owned an ad agency and now also creates some amazing art. You can meet Ann at Meerendal on 8 April where she will be hosting an art workshop. Learn more about it by clicking HERE. 

African Art

What would Durbanville be without some authentic African art!

This incredible art was created by Marc Alexander – the photo doesn’t do it justice but is shimmers gold. 

Modern Art

Durbanville is not as old fashioned as you think. I really loved the vibrant colours of these pieces of artwork.

This is artist, Leonie Brown who also hosts the art workshops at Meerendal. If you do get a chance to meet her, you will certainly feel very welcome and looked after! What a friendly and creative person!


I just loved these wine barrels as well as the manly sculptures on show.

Below is Earl Parker who created this piece below.

Luxury Cars

There were even some pretty impressive Land Rovers and Jaguars on display outside sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover N1 City. It was too dark to take a photo at this stage but with cars like that, you should rather go and visit the sales room to admire it’s full beauty. Here are the sales reps from the N1 City branch.



We listened to the lovely, soft sounds of local artist, Enya du Plessis who is only 20 years old. You can purchase her music on iTunes.




Meerendal have also changed the furniture which in itself, is art.

From this…


To this…

Quite a good change, I would say.




So which art gallery will be next? 😉



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