The Rosé that started it all at 41/800 – Four Cousins, Robertson


Wine farm 41/800 is Four Cousins, in Robertson!

I have rated this wine farm experience 5 star.


85% 72% 88% 86% 95%

When I think of Four Cousins, many happy memories come flooding back. Speak to anyone my age, it was the wine we started on – the sweet Rosé 1.5L bottle. Those were the days! Don’t let that sweet wine fool you though, there are plenty of good Four Cousins wines to move onto for the more mature palate!

The bottle that started it all. The 1.5L Four Cousins Rosé.

The wine tasting centre is brand new, modern and FABULOUS!


  • Wine tasting – R55 food and wine pairings
  • Jungle Gym
  • Restaurant
  • Craft Beer bar & TV for sports
  • Mini museum on the history of Four Cousins
  • Selfie photo booth corner

WHEN TO GO: All year around.

Mon-Fri: 08h30 – 17h00
Sat: 09h30 – 15h30
Sun: 11h00 – 15h00
Public Holidays: 09h30 – 16h30
CLOSED: Good Friday, Christmas day & 1 January

CHILD/PET FRIENDLY? Bring your children but not pets. They have a fab jungle gym area right next to the restaurant.

LOCATION: Situated in Robertson about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town. Google Map (it is worth the drive so why not stay the night and make a weekend of it). Try my Robertson wine recommendations, have a look HERE. 

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Here is my experience:

When you walk in, it feels like the reception to a hotel and you are greeted with a friendly smile.

Four Cousins reception area.

The décor is light and sophisticated yet homely and welcoming. I particularly liked the high ceilings and it really felt like the outside was inside due to all the natural light.

The Four Cousins tasting room.

The concept of the wine tasting room is that you can choose from 5 different food and wine pairings for R55 each. They also offer a whisky pairing, non-alcoholic pairing (Zari grape juice) for R55 and a kiddies platter for R35. So in total there are NINE different options.

Below is the main reason for visiting Four Cousins. Just look at this for only R55! That first pairing is a Four Cousins Rosé Sorbet/slushy which is paired with a fennel powder – it sounds weird but it is oh so delicious!

Four Cousins Fan Platter (R55) – Rose Granita, chocolate, biltong and fudge.

If you saw the above pairing and got the chills from all the calories on this plate, then order the Skinny Platter. It has less sugar and alcohol too. You would think that it will taste watered down, but it was actually really good (I thought the white Skinny was fantastic).

Just look at those servings! Now that is what I call value for money!

Four Cousins Skinny pairing (R55) – paired with chocolate coated nuts, a cranberry health bar and pistachio nuts.

The below pairing is a South African favourite which takes you back to your younger years. All your favourite Four Cousins wines are paired with sweet treats that you will remember from your childhood. I particularly loved the Zoo biscuit at the end 🙂

Four Cousins Family Pairing (R55)

If it is a really hot day and wine sounds too heavy to drink, then you should try this fun Fiver tasting. It is a wine cooler with flavours such as Apple & Pear, Ginger Beer, Strawberry & Litchi and Apple Lime & Cucumber! So refreshing.

Four Cousins Fiver tasting (R55).

If you are feeling rather fancy, then this is a nice Sparkling wine pairing which is slightly more savory paired with cheeses and crackers.

Four Cousins Sparkling Wine pairing (R55).

If you are more of a dry wine and savory drinker, then the Olyfberg pairing is just for you.

Four Cousins Olyfberg pairing (R55).

New to Four Cousins is the Scottish Cousin Whisky pairing for R55. Paired with nougat, toffee and a sweetie pie, there is a 5, 8 and 12 year whisky.

Scottish Cousin Pairing (R55).

We were lucky enough to meet with Neil Retief who is one of the Four Cousins and current viticulturist for the brand. He was explaining his passion for wine and now whisky too. There is actually a blood line in the Retief family that goes back to Scotland which is the reason behind the “Scottish Cousin” name. It is in fact whisky from Scotland!

Tim Kolks, Dutch Intern from, Neil Retief of Four Cousins and Llewellen Lambert from tasting some wines, beer and whisky.

These are the Four Cousins way back when. Two sets of brothers as you can see. On the left of the picture below is the deed to the Van Loveren farm which started it all.

Meet the cousins before they were even legal to drink wine.

There is in fact an entire museum on the wall in the tasting room which you should take the time to read through. Snap a photo of the corn fritters recipe that the farm used to offer to customers when they first started. And take note of the income statement which just goes to show how cheap everything was back then. Eish, how times have changed.

The Four Cousins Wall Museum is stooped in history. Learn how it all started in the small town of Robertson.

Once you are done in the tasting room, why not take a walk around the corner to the Boet Beer, craft beer bar and brewery.

Boet Beer bar.

Ask to taste a few. There are 4 different ones to try and what was nice is that none of them were too heavy. Four Cousins ensured that Boet beer would be a craft beer for everyone in that it is light enough to drink every day.

Boet beer is new from Four Cousins.

And it comes fresh and cold, right from the tap.

Boet beer on tap.

Because it is all brewed on site! This is hop which is used to make beer and is what gives beer the bitter taste.

Hop used to make beer.

And these are the brewery tanks! Nice shiny and new! Ask if you can take a cellar tour when you visit. Sometimes, the beer master is there to talk you through it all.

The tank which is the crucial first step in making beer – processing the barley.

You might be feeling hungry by now and that is why this place is so awesome!

One menu, two different vibes to enjoy your meal.

1. The kid friendly, relaxed zone:

2. The sophisticated, fancy zone:

And tuck right in to their extensive, hearty menu!

CLICK HERE to view the menu.

Before you leave, buy some gifts from the gift shop to show off to your friends or perhaps take home as a memorabilia.

Below are more photos of the venue. You will notice lots of trees. Four Cousins did not want to chop down the large, old trees on the site, so the architect built around them – this resulted in a venue which is full of nature.

I absolutely loved it and you will too!


So which farm is next? 🙂


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