Ten reasons to love the Stellenbosch Pizza and Wine Festival

I caught you at Pizza and wine, didn’t I? ūüėÄ Oh there is nothing better than to indulge over the weekend with¬†pizza and wine – plus¬†amazing people, sunshine and entertainment. Here are my top ten reasons and tips for the next Pizza and Wine festival.

1. The Essentials

Entrance was really quick and easy. The tickets could be bought online and upon arrival, we were given a rather handy plastic glass in case of breakages. Quite good really if you think of all the kiddies running around barefoot. Plus a map. The tickets were quite expensive at R160 each but you did get around R50 bucks back in tasting coupons (pizza and wine). Overall I think I spent R150 extra on the two of us which isn’t bad.

2. Pizza cones

Never have I come across such a delight! These Pizza cones were only R50 bucks and it was rather quite filling too! And this is probably the main reason to go to this festival Рhaha!


3. Wine & bubbly!

Stellenbosch Vineyards produces some great red wine (especially Pinotage). Plus there were some other wine producers like Versus and Arniston Bay which were great value for money.

There was also a bubbly bar!


4. Choice

Yes, there was plenty of choice! There were about 6 pizza stands and even more wine stands. A lot were giving out free samples.

Plus, if you weren’t a wine drinker, there was craft beer too at the Bus Stop!


5. Snapscan

I thought it was pretty great that you could pay with snapscan. There was an ATM on site too but who wants to wait in that queue.

Plus, most were giving out free tastings!


6. Kiddies Activities

The kids were totally spoilt with jumping castles, jungle gyms and colouring in activities.


7. Lots of Space

There was so much space – the kids were on the one side and the adults were on the other. Really great idea. I didn’t feel cramped or limited for space at all!

 8. Friendly staff

The staff were super friendly and there was literally no queues because the service was so fast!


9. Entertainment

Magic FM were broadcasting live from the venue and the speakers carried the sound throughout the venue. So everyone was in a party mood.

10. Location

It took me just 30 mintutes to get there and there was plenty of parking.  A great venue I would say.



So which festival will be next? ūüôā



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