Summer in a glass with Glenwood Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016

Glenwood Vineyards has just brought out a new Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon range and it’s so refreshing. I was lucky to sample a taste and here is my review…

I am very familiar with Sauvignon Blanc but never have I tried a Semillon. Semillon is one of only three varietals that can be grown in Bordeaux, France. It is commonly mixed with Sauvignon Blanc as together, they compliment each other well. Apparently, Semillon is much like a Riesling.

I started off by learning more about the farm before reviewing. Glenwood was purchased in 1986 so they are in their 31st year (just like me) however the farm was established in 1984 as it states on the bottle. 🙂 I have often heard that Glenwood is a fantastic farm in Franschhoek and that I should take a visit soon (it’s on the list!). This is a new wine varietal for them and there are only 8500 bottles produced. The grapes were sourced from one of the farm’s award-winning vineyards estimated to be 22 years old so this got me extremely interested!

I made sure my bottle of Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon was stored in the fridge for a day to ensure it was extra cool. I like to add ice to my white wine but before I did, I took a sip of a small amount.

When reviewing wine, I like to rate it on:

  1. Colour (out of 3)
  2. Smell (out of 7)
  3. And taste (out of 10)

So the taste has the most weighting. It is also very seldom that I rate a wine less than 3/3 for colour.



Comprising equal quantities of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, winemaker DP Burger describes this as being a typical Bordeaux white wine. Richly textured, well-balanced and refreshing the Sauvignon Blanc delivers elegant passion fruit freshness, which is laced together by the richness and weight of the Semillon. The perfect wine union.

It is a screw cap bottle and the labeling is kept simple with gold print to add that bit of elegance.

The colour is extremely light and elegant. 3 out of 3.

This was not your typical aromas as what you would get from a Sauvignon Blanc – citrus or passion fruit. The Semillon added that bit of mystery and I could smell apples and floral notes if I breathed in deep. Almost like jasmin. The smell was somewhat confusing for me and I do struggle to smell white wine. 5 out of 7.

To start off with, it almost had an apple taste but all of a sudden – lemons! It certainly gets your taste buds going. The semillon leaves a full mouth feel which coats the mouth afterwards. This wine would go extremely well with dishes associated with lemons. Like most Mediterranean chicken or sweet curry dishes. I was told that it would be the perfect partner to a delicious stir fried seafood dish with crayfish, spicy prawns and scallops. YUM! 7 out of 10 – excellently refreshing!

Total is: 15/20 = very good as an every day refreshing wine. No occasion needed.

Cheers guys!

Available directly from the farm at R90 per bottle, or select outlets nationwide. For more information visit


So which wine will I review next? 🙂


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