Lourensford Limited Edition Cuvee 89 MCC

Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, in keeping with a tradition of creating premium, limited release wines, has launched the exclusive Lourensford Cuvee 89 MCC Brut Zero 2007.


The Lourensford Cuvee 89 MCC Brut Zero 2007, with just 525 bottles produced, gets its name and elegant character from spending an additional 89 months on the lees after it had been bottled.


“We exposed the wine to the lees for over 7 years, to produce an MCC which expresses the key flavours and character associated with premium sparkling wines crafted in the traditional French method,” says Lourensford cellar master Hannes Nel.


“Making Méthod Cap Classique is a fine art that tests a winemaker’s skill to the limit. It keeps you humble and on your toes. But what excites me most about our Cuvee 89 is that it has matured so elegantly, illustrating that South Africa can produce MCC’s with ageing potential. In fact I expect this to be enjoyable drinking even in 2022!”


The Lourensford Cuvee 89 MCC Brut Zero 2007 is exclusivley available through the Lourensford Estate tasting room at winetastings@lourensford.co.za or call 021 847 2300.



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