No. 7 Klein Roosboom – Durbanville

Wine farm number 7 on the list is Klein Roosboom in Durbanville.

This venue is perfect for small or large groups of people, summer or winter.

The outside area was well laid out and country themed. Both small and big tables make it perfect for smaller or larger groups.

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day, so I sat outside. The wind was a bit chilly but nothing that a little wine can’t fix 😉

img_0304 IMG_9906

I love this casual, country themed setting. You really do feel at home and relaxed.

Only open until 16h30. I would have like to have seen at least 17h00, especially in the Summer. It is a boutique winery though, so understood.

I visited in the late afternoon and they didn’t kick me out which was good 🙂

img_9934 img_9908

You would think that this is quite a small tasting room but once you get inside, you will discover Aladdin’s cave!

There are so many small rooms which you can book! Can you spot Guy McDonald of Magic828AM ? 😉

Just look at that divine cheese platter! *photo credit to Guy McDonald.

img_0306 13521905_10157199285180145_2049266812755753687_n


Each room is carved out of old concrete wine vats. You can still smell the wine and experience the wine crystallization on the walls.

Each room has a different theme and you will love exploring them all.

Best to book in advance though to secure your spot!


This was my favourite room! Wine in bed? Yes please!

img_0413 img_0412

The service was pretty bad. Not enough waiters for the amount of people and not all of the tables were even full.
I had to try to get attention for 20 minutes which was very disappointing. When I finally did get attention, the waiter did not explain the wine nor try to make us feel very welcome. 🙁
It is a boutique wine farm, so the wine selection is not massive.
Klein Roosboom had also sold out of many of their wines on that day.

img_0406 img_0405

These red wines were great though! My favourite being the My Way Red Blend 2014.
It is R25 to taste 5 wines. The MCC is not up for tasting but you can purchase a bottle for R170.
There is also a great cheese platter to try.

img_0410 img_0407

Purchase a bottle is exactly what I did!

img_0409 img_0408

What a fantastic MCC this is @kleinroosboom Marné Brut.
The golden colour exudes elegance and the tiny bubbles create a thin layer of creamy foam at the exit of the glass.
The bottle has minimal labeling which is perfect for weddings. Made from Chardonnay grapes, it is woody and creamy. R170 a bottle.

img_9944 img_0320

I managed to purchase myself a bottle of the Klein Roosboom My Way Red Blend 2014.
This is right up there with my favourite red wine, Philosophers Stone by Camberly.
It was smooth and well balanced. Dark berries, subtle tannin’s, deep colour, woody and fragrant with sweet spices. R130 a bottle.

img_0411 img_0308

34% service
76% food
87% wine
82% location
Overall rating = 69.75%
Ranking: 4
Not recommended for children however there is a jungle gym.
Good for any group of people (2-12 people).
Booking is recommended, click HERE.
Great in Summer or Winter.

Wine Tasting hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10h00 to 16h30

Have a look at my experience:


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