My Mission

They say that no one can possibly get through all the wine farms in Cape Town.
Well I’m about to prove them wrong!

Did you know that the SA wine industry is the 8th largest in the world?*
I don’t think anyone has been brave enough to count all the wineries in Cape Town/the Western Cape, believe me, I tried. Google it for yourself.
Maybe there are just too many. There is however a report that there are approximately  800-1000 wineries in South Africa and about 200 just from the Stellenbosch region alone, so let’s go with a target of 800 for now 😉


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I started out on a challenge in June 2016 to be the first woman to visit and blog about all 800 wine farms in the Western Cape. My goal is to visit at least 80 farms every fiscal so that the 800th farm can be celebrated by my 40th birthday. – Oh here’s hoping!

I hold a Marketing Degree from the AAA School of Advertising and my love for marketing, events and copy-writing has flourished into the online space.

I have been overwhelmed with how quickly this brand has grown. It started off just for fun and now I am really enjoying becoming a wine journalist, reviewing wines, attending tastings and sharing wine news. I guess I will need to get a qualification in wine making soon. 😀

Not only do I enjoy learning, writing, and blogging about wine, I also have a special interest in capturing my journey through photography.

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