Harvesting fun at 53/800 – Jan Harmsgat, Robertson

 Wine farm 53 of 800 is Jan Harmsgat in the Robertson Wine Valley

It’s a fabulous 5-Star accommodation farm with 10-exclusive rooms – Double, Twin & Family Rooms plus a romantic honeymoon suite. Just a two hour drive from Cape Town. Breakfast is included and a fine-dining restaurant is on-site for dinner. Most of the produce, and of course the wine, is grown on the estate.

The farm dates back to 1723 and the buildings are even featured in the writings of Lady Anne Barnard. The original meter thick walls and yellow-wood detail gives this farm an authentic country feel filled with ambiance, charm and history.

Don’t let the old charm fool you though, each room is equipped with flat screen TVs, DSTV, Wifi and not to mention 24 hour service on call.


  • 5-star accommodation with swimming pool
  • Wine Tasting – R30
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast
  • Picnics

BOOKINGS: Bookings are a must. Please inquire online here:  http://www.janharmsgat.com/contact
WHEN TO GO:  Summer or Winter. You will be sheltered anywhere you go. I noticed umbrellas on standby too.
SERVICE: The service is super professional – everything that you would expect from a 5-star establishment.
CHILD/PET FRIENDLY? For older kids yes, as they do have some games on standby.
LARGER OR SMALL GROUPS? Smaller groups of around 2-4 people are perfect.
LOCATION: About a 2.5 hour drive from Cape Town in, Bonnievale. Google Map
OTHER RATINGS:  Check out what others say about this farm on Trip Advisor by CLICKING HERE. 


Here is my experience:

I arrived on a super hot day (42 degrees c) so the pool was literally heaven sent! The staff knew exactly who I was when I arrived and immediately helped me check into my room. The service and level of friendliness was excellent. They even ask if you are happy with your room and if there is anything they can bring you.

This was the reception area which was a short walk to my room.

The cottage I stayed in was excellent because there was a communal lounge area with various bedrooms surrounding it. This makes for good mingling and late night banter with new friends. There were quite a lot of Germans and Italians whilst I stayed.

The bedroom was super luxurious and I just really loved these chandeliers as bedside lights.  The bathroom set up took me some getting used to. I am so used to a full on bathroom but this had the shower on the one end of the bedroom and the toilet on the other. The basin was in the bedroom itself. So real country style. It was quite an experience really. You can literally walk around naked in your bedroom because your bedroom is also a bathroom 😀

There are no curtains but full on wooden shutters which keeps the light totally out, and privacy totally in!  I almost slept in 🙂
The hotel is right next to a very busy road but the window shutters and thick walls do a good job of blocking the sound out.

Just outside the cottage was a lovely area to enjoy sun-downers.

I received a welcome note and free bottle of sparkling grape juice upon my arrival so I got right to it. The bottle was warm so we called for ice and literally within less than 5 minutes, the ice arrived!

This is the wine tasting room. You can buy a wine tasting for just R30. Their Pinotage is something to marvel at!

Here is the Pinotage 2015 – hand picked from a single vineyard. They only produce 2500 bottles and each wine is sealed with a traditional wax seal. It was matured for 12 months in French Oak Barrels. Lovely notes of cherries and cigar box which brings about a full mouth and full bodied feel on the palate.

For dinner I enjoyed the Cab Sauv paired with lamb shoulder, mash and fresh veggies.

I really enjoyed getting back to my room! The lights were on, and there was even some treats as nigh caps.

Plus, if you forgot your toothbrush or shaver – do not fear! There are ones on standby in your room!

The next morning’s adventures was absolutely one for the memory books!

I visited during the Hands on Harvest and was pleasantly surprised with a “wine safari”. We climbed into the wine baskets and were pulled along by vintage tractors!

This one was a vintage John Deere and can you imagine, it is older than the one in the previous picture! You have to turn the wheel to ignite it!

I even spotted a lone ranger. There was a whole heard of buffalo on the horizon but hard to see on a photo.


It cost just R150 for an experience harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon grapes including breakfast.


We were taught how to cut the grapes – taking great care not to drop any on the floor.

The grapes were super juicy! I even ate some along the way. Harvesting is hard work I will have you know! 😀

Once we got back to the farm, we could each take a turn churning the grapes in a vintage press. Gee! It was super  hard work.

This is what was left of the grapes!


Everyone got to keep a bottle of the juice to enjoy with a buffet breakfast at Just Amy Restaurant.



There are a whole range of wines available at Jan Harmsgat. Shiraz, Cab Sauv, Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

They also have really tasty Pomegranate Juice!

I absolutely loved my visit and will be back for sure!


So which farm will be next? 🙂






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