Fine wine and Art at Durbanville Hills

Art at Durbanville Hills has just opened a new exhibition featuring Marke Meyer’s Bronze sculpture art

The theme is “The Legacy of Laughter and Lost Moments” which I really love because this is sometimes how I feel when drinking wine – haha. Jokes aside though, this artist has an incredible talent for turning poetry into something that the eyes and hands can behold.

Marke grew up having had experienced a difficult childhood. He studied Horticulture and then became a poet. It was only in his later years that Marke decided to go into sculpture art – and what a good decision he made! His latest work is a tribute to childhood and I just love the playful and whimsical nature of these pieces. Each piece is made from Bronze and is designed to be suspended so that it can move freely in the wind. His artwork goes from these larger pieces of which some are bigger than me…


…to some smaller pieces which are suspended on steel rods and featured in the tasting room.

When looking at the detail and meaning of each piece, notice how the small, playful elements play a part in each sculpture like a roller skate, ballet shoe, school bag, apple, chameleon or even goldfish.


My favourite piece was this one, called The State of Grace. One foot has a stilleto heel, she is balancing on her own hair and all over her body is goldfish. Notice how the goldfish are a different colour to the bronze sculpture – it is not painted, it is simply just a different treatment to the bronze.

Marke uses acids and heat to change the colour of the bronze. A fine example can be seen below. The steel bucket and the blue balloons are all just treatments of the same brozne – incredible.


When asked about his work and inspirations, Marke says that he is fascinated by figures, especially the female figure. “The figure, metaphoric in every sense, describes a state of mind, or more often the projection of ‘mind’ into a space removed – a mind-space perhaps. This is a comfortable, magical space without restraint or restriction. The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.”

The Legacy of Laughter and Lost Moments exhibition runs until mid-September. Why not visit the winery and enjoy a glass of delicious wine amidst the beautiful art works. For more information, please contact the winery on 021 558 1300 or or contact Dirk Durnez


Afterwards, I enjoyed a fine two-course winter, set-menu at the Durbanville Hills Restaurant.

I enjoyed a deconstructed Pork Belly pie paired with Rhinofields Pinotage right by the fire! Plus for dessert I had a chocolate, peppermint tart topped with caramel popcorn and paired with Rhinofields Shiraz – just delicious!

Did I mention that there are live oysters and bubbly on ice?


I will leave you with this view of the sunset over Table Mountain which you can watch from the restuaruant.


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