Blind Wine Tasting in the comfort of your own home!

Top 12 wines has just introduced a blind wine tasting kit that you can order for delivery directly to your home!

Frederic Dasse conceptualized Top 12 wines after noticing that it was virtually impossible to do a tasting of the same varietal from different brands at one sitting. With more than 15 years experience in the wine industry, Frederic has used his knowledge to offer a blind tasting of some of the top wines in South Africa, per varietal. I met with Frederic at a recent public Viognier blind tasting event at Molo Lolo Lodge where I tasted 8 Viognier South African wines.

It is not always ideal for everyone to make it to a public tasting which is why Frederic introduced the kit that can be delivered to your home. You can book online right HERE.  The prices range from R1500 to R5000 per kit depending on what type of tasting you would like to do. Alternatively, just attend one of the public tastings for R150 per person (including food) and make new friends!

The results are rather fascinating. Prices, brands and origin all goes out of the window and you literally just have your palate and nose to go on.

Viognier wines usually are quite aromatic. We could smell everything from Jasmine, to sea breeze, apricots, urine and even latex condoms! Haha yes, someone could smell that! You will have lots of fun trying to analyse what you can smell and taste with your friends.

Whilst the results are being tallied up, we could much away on some really delicious cheese and olive bread.

What was interesting…is that the wine that literally smelled like a urinal was my favourite tasting one (as terrible as it sounds!) and also the most expensive (go figure). Elgin Vinters Viognier 2012. However the group voted differently.

The results of the blind tasting were tallied and below are the results…


These blind tastings are becoming so popular that even brothers from upper Africa attended straight after their 36 hour journey!

Will you attend the next one?

Cheers mates!



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