PR & Advertising

If you are looking to partner up with me for some Public Relations or Advertising, please read this:

  • I have a lifestyle blog about wine and my target market is majority women (70%) ages 21-35. They are high income earners and are looking for AMAZING experiences.
  • Don’t just send me press releases if I don’t know you. PR is around building relationships, introduce yourself and ask if I can be added to your media list. It also doesn’t hurt to ask how I am doing. I am a person after all.
  • If you would like me to visit and review your farm, please mail me on My diary is pretty fully booked, so please arrange a date with me in advance. In return for the review, I ask for the wine tasting / lunch to be complimentary for me plus a partner (who wants to go alone).
  • Please send all press releases and images to – not all press releases will be published, it is at my discretion which I think what my audience will like to read or not.
  • I cannot publish any pack shots. I have a lifestyle blog, and packshots are boring. Please rather send me the wine to review and I can take some photos and feature the wine. Also, why would I talk about a wine I have never tasted.  E-mail me to get my delivery addy.
  • I do think it is quite rude if you ask me to publish news around your event and then do not invite me as part of your media guests. So if you want me to talk about your event, then invite me too.

If you would like to advertise on  my site, please see below.


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