A one stop destination at 56/800 – Spice Route, Paarl

Wine farm 56 of 800 is Spice Route in the Paarl Wine Route

If you are looking for a one stop destination where you can spend the entire day exploring (with some amazing views I might add!) then look no further. Spice Route has it all…

Spice route is only a 40 minute drive from Cape Town and is right next door to Fairview Wine and Cheese.

BOOKINGS: Bookings are definitely recommended to avoid any disappointment: CLICK HERE for the various booking details.
WHEN TO GO:  Summer or Winter. But I would recommend the best months to be November – April.
SERVICE: Friendly and knowledgeable but a little bit slow. So sit back and take a chill pill.
CHILD/PET FRIENDLY? Definitely child friendly but I would not recommend this location for any pets.
LARGER OR SMALL GROUPS? The world is your oyster. Book for up to 25+. 
LOCATION: About a 40 minute drive from Cape Town in Paarl. Google Map
OTHER RATINGS:  CLICK HERE to see what others had to say about this farm on Trip Advisor.


The website is quite interactive and it explains all the different activities very well. Take a look…


Here is my experience:

You will feel quite exotic upon arrival… and yes, to get it out of the way, there are Spices sold at Spice Route 🙂

The whole thinking behind this farm was based upon centuries ago when travelers would go to far away lands to bring back the best spices. You had to wait for them to return, today, it is all in one location, all year round! It also doesn’t stop at spices – enjoy top quality wines, chocolates, beers and more!


I opted to sit outside right here…

Every table was reserved and ready to welcome guests. (That was my table, the closest to the front)

Because with uninterrupted views like these… do you blame me!?



I opted for the Wine and Charcuterie pairing. Four wines are paired with cold, cured meats for R85 per person.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc with mango and a cucumber cracker,
  2. Mourvèdre paired with a carpaccio cracker stick,
  3. Pinotage paired with pork sausage and finally…
  4. a unique “Chakalaka” blend paired with a spicy beef sausage.

“Chakalaka” is the Zulu word which means “all together” and is the perfect spicy alternative to Pinotage – just in time for Easter!  

It is a medium-bodied wine consisting of 6 wines…

  • 37% Syrah,
  • 25% Mourvèdre,
  • 13% Carignan,
  • 10% Tannat,
  • 8% Grenache and
  • 7% Petit Sirah

I quite liked it. Spicy, yet berry with hints of cloves on the palate – a great pairing with this spicy sausage.

All the cured meats are of top quality and you can do a tasting for just R30. Or buy a whole bunch unless you are a vegetarian. If you are, then rather stay away from this room…

Inside, the wine tasting room is quite exotic looking too. I thought I would bump into Aladdin and he would take me on a magic carpet ride – lol – I wish!

Outside, the seating is rustic yet comfortable.

I really loved how the reserved seating was neatly set up and waiting for the guests to arrive.

After the wine tasting I stumbled into the red hot glass studio which was really quite lovely.

Just look at these colours! They would even make for some great gifts. The below pendants are designed by Liz Lacey using only recycled materials. Each one is unique and helps to empower local women in the Paarl region of South Africa.

The Bertus Basson restaurant looks spectacular too with more goodies to purchase.

And delightfully gourmet food options!

If you are on a romantic date, I would definitely recommend booking the lawn dining at Bertus Basson…

However, being oh so single, I opted for a casual lunch at the La Grapperia Pizza and Bistro with one of my besties!

The menu is really good value for money and again, you can enjoy the views of the valley.

This venue is VERY popular for families with children because of the jungle gym which is within eyesight.

THIS is the cheese platter for only R100! Can you believe it!? The wine was R140 which means you could feed two people for only R240. What a bargain!

I opted for the Grenache to pair with this meal. It is very rare that you come across a Grenache in South Africa. It reminded me somewhat of a Pinot Noir (light and berry) but there was a strong peppery taste coming through. I rather enjoyed it!

After lunch, I enjoyed a “night cap” of sorts right here… (or was I really just getting the party started? :D)

You can do a gin tasting for only R50 per person.

The main ingredient was Wilderer Fynbos Gin and there were plenty of other flavours to try too!

Even Pomegranate!

If you are interested in distilled spirits, you should ask to go on a cellar tour. They will explain to you how Gin is made, right here on location!


By this stage, you can imagine how my body was craving SUGAR! And Voila! Like magic, it appeared in all its glory.

Obviously I bought some!

The ice cream truck was calling my name too 🙂

One of the last stops was the CBC Brewry and the biltong & beer garden.

It has a very relaxed vibe and makes for a great venue for young people to mingle with friends.

Finally, why not stop by the gift shop.

There was really quite a large selection and I particularly liked this Cape Town bag.

Ok so Spice Route really is a DESTINATION marathon! If you can do all the activities in one day – I applaud you!
At the end of the day, I watched the sun set right here.

So which farm will be next? 🙂


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