What’s the buzz around harvest?

What’s the buzz around harvest time in South Africa? Quite a lot actually.

Think about it, it is literally like the birth of a child that you have been nurturing for almost an entire year. Great care goes into checking if the “baby” is well fed and a happy chappy. When it is ready for the “birth” you want to invite everyone to the “baby shower”, I mean wine shower! (hehe much better right!).

So if you think baby photos are taking over the internet, I am pretty sure Harvest photos take a close second this time of year and I say BRING IT ON!

South African wine regions and farms are taking harvest festivals to a whole new level. Each one is different and yes, you can expect the norm like grape stomping and live entertainment but wine farms are now pulling out all the stops to include things like street parades, rock climbing, 4 x 4 adventures, tractor rides, 3 day festivals and collaborating into one huge event. Let’s just say, be there or be square!

Here are some upcoming wine festivals to get your toes stuck into:

Grande Provance Harvest day – 25 Feb 2017 (R695 for adults and R350 for children under 12)

Feast of the Grape, Durbanville Wine Valley – 27 & 28 Feb 2017 (R120 for adults and R30 for Children)


Eikendal Weintaufe Harvest Carnival – 5 March 2017 (R80 per person and FREE for Children under 18)


Robertson Hands on Harvest – 10 to 12 March 2017 (various prices depending on booking)

Cluver Family Harvest Day – 1 April 2017 (R250 per adult and R100 per child under the age of 18)


I hope to see you at one of these festivals. We truly do live in a country made to produce great wine! So let’s celebrate it!




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