Vote for SA’s greatest steakhouse with Wolftrap Wines


There is a pretty cool competition running called The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships. They are asking members of the public to help hunt down South Africa’s greatest steakhouse.

What defines a Steakhouse?

A steakhouse is a restaurant that specialises in grilled beef and that has a menu solely based on steak or with a clear and dominant section of the menu dedicated to steak and grills. It should be clear that steak is the primary focus of the restaurant.



Simply visit their Facebook page:

Each voter is allowed only one vote for one restaurant, during the month of May – So hurry!

A list of steakhouses is available on the Facebook voting page. Should a favourite steakhouse not be on the list, it can be added to the list if the steakhouse complies with the competition’s specifications.

Just by voting, you stand a chance to win fabulous prizes of The Wolftrap wines as well as Braai Hampers.



In June, the Top 10 steakhouses, that were the highest placed on the leaderboard, move into the second round of the competition. These 10 finalists are visited unannounced and scored according to a set of strict criteria, by a team of expert judges, led by Pete Goffe-Wood, well-known Masterchef judge; to identify which steakhouse truly is the Champion.

Judges rate the steakhouses according to a wide-ranging, standardised scoresheet which examines all aspects of dining out and encompasses the total experience, but focusses on the quality of the steak and the side dishes that are part of a steak meal.



The Wolftrap Steakhouse Champion for 2017 will then be announced at the Awards Event hosted by last year’s winner, The Local Grill, Parktown North, Gauteng, on 18th July.

In addition to Awards for the Top Ten Steakhouses and the Trophy for the 2017 Steakhouse of the Year, this year there will be further Special Awards, including but not limited to: Newcomer of the Year, Chain Steakhouse of the Year and Steakhouse Legend of the Year.

The 2017 Champion will also receive one 12-bottle case of The Wolftrap wine each week for the duration of the Championship year and will host the following year’s Championships Awards ceremony.



The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships is now in its fifth year.

Previous winners are: Little Havana, Umhlanga Rocks (2015); The Local Grill, Parktown North (2013, 2014 and 2016)





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