Surviving 2018 with Survivor Wines

I’m a Survivor! Absolutely no pun intended here guys 🙂  There is a serious water crisis in Cape Town, so I find myself drinking wine instead of water and what an appropriate wine to drink! Survivor Wines! haha!


I am pretty impressed with the hype that this winery from the Swartland is stirring. I simply must give credit to the Marketing brain behind the entire brand – from the background story, label design and even the way they PR themselves – I mean, they even collaborated with fellow wine lovers to create a story on how we intend to survive 2018. Spot my surviving tip hint hint!


Here’s the unique story about Survivor Wines.



Their Chenin Blanc 2017 is awarded with 2018 Platters 4.5 stars so it’s gotta be rather good! I enjoyed it. Here’s the crunch… 70% of the Chenin blanc underwent barrel fermentation in 100% first fill 500L untoasted Sylvain French Oak barrels. Yeah! That’s pretty awesome! The wine sells for around R660 a case so that’s really good value for money – considering the price of new barrels and also the cost of the really stunning labels.

One thing’s for sure – It’s definitely a conversation starter at the table! If you are not a Chenin fan, there are other varietals in the mix such as a Pinotage and Sauvignon Blanc – both awarded with Platters ratings.


Feeling creative? Why not try one of the Survivor Wines recipes!

Food Pairing - Chicken Curry & Survivor Chenin Blanc






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