Shimmy Submerged Sundays are HOT

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without Shimmy Beach Club Submerged Sundays with Goldfish.

Tickets cost from R100 to R350 depending on the type of access you would like.
You can purchase them HERE. 

Upper VIP deck – this is the place to be if you want to watch Goldfish from up top.

I opted for the VIP section by the pool deck and it was so worth it! Beautiful ocean views, an area all to ourselves and the best service! (Our waiter made sure that our glasses were never empty and even went to buy my friend some ciggies and a lighter – what a gem!)

Enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

They had a great selection of MCC brands (local and international) so I opted for Graham beck. It was quite pricey at R400 a pop but where else can you enjoy views like this!

Graham Beck MCC

As they say, when in Rome, try what ever is going, so I tried this vodka slushy – they are potent but oh so delicious!

Cheers to vodka slushies!

And if you really want to get the party started, these lovely ladies brought the Olmeca Tequila shots right to where you are sitting.

Looking lovely ladies!

Be sure to get an Uber home because you are in for a party of note! There is even a dedicated Absolut Vodka bar.

Absolut bar.


It was hard for me to determine the dress code. There were plenty of people in casual beach attire and then there were also super fancy people in formal wear – I guess anything goes.

General access area.

If you have a super hot body, put on that bikini and lounge on one of these 🙂 You will be a centre stage attraction.

Unicorn lilos!

The whole point of Shimmy Submerged sundays is to enjoy Goldfish live and the stage is set up for quite a party!

Sound check one two!


So enjoy the sunset, you will feel like you are on a cruise ship. Order some sushi or their new summer menu. 

Sunset and ocean views!


And party like a rockstar!

Goldfish live at Shimmy beach club.

So which party will be next? 🙂


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