No. 12 Haute Cabriere – Franschhoek

Wine farm number 12 – Haute Cabriere – Franschhoek.

wine tasting ladies Haute Cabriere Franschhoek


I often visit Haute Cabriere – I even spent my 30th birthday celebration here. (giving my age away) 🙂
It is the best place to start or end with when you visit Franschhoek because their bubbles are perfect as an aperitif.

Pierre Jourdan MCC Franschhoek Haute Cabriere

However, if you would like to do lunch or dinner, there is a marvelous restaurant too.



What makes this tasting cellar unique?
It is built into the mountain – seriously, you have to look for it because it is underground and camouflaged.

Plus it has the best views to enjoy whilst sipping on MCC.


Haute Cabriere Franschhoek

If it is a sunny day, this venue is the perfect photo op! #selfietime
Plus if you loose track of the time, you can use this sun dial.


There are waiters who will talk you though the wine tasting. So much like a restaurant, just find a seat and relax.
The service is a bit slow and the waiters are not too enthusiastic about the wine so if you want to know more, ask them.

Haute Cabriere Franschhoek

You can choose from a variety of tastings. We tried the MCC tasting for 3 MCCs at R30 a tasting.

ladies wine tasting Haute Cabriere Franschhoek

I loved this MCC Brut – Pierre Jourdan Blanc De Blancs MCC at only R126 a bottle.
100% Chardonnay, it is magnificent to see the tiny bubbles and elegant mousse that forms on the top.
It is quite creamy having spent a significant time on the lees. Dry, crisp and citrusy. Yum!

Haute Cabriere Brut MCC

The Haute Cabriere Tranquille is another best seller for Haute Cabriere.
It is a fine blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay which gives it a beautiful pale salmon colour.
Only 11.4% alcohol and 1.2g/l sugar. R49 a bottle.

wine tasting Haute Cabriere Franschhoek


And my ultimate favourite is this Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose MCC.
It is the perfect pink drink. It is dry and a beautiful light pink colour.
So romantic and perfect to pair with mussels, seared tuna or duck. Yum! You can buy a beautiful gift pack that comes with two branded glasses for only R200

Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose Franschhoek Haute Cabriere


If it is chilly outside, the cellar inside is quite pleasant too.

Haute Cabriere cellar Franschhoek



Haute Cabriere Franschhoek

Do you have a sweet tooth? There is apparently only one Ratafia produced in South Africa and this is it from Haute Cabriere in Franschhoek.
Cask Brandy distilled from 100% Chardonnay grapes. It has 19% alcohol and 172g/l sugar. Rich flavors of honey and tropical fruit.
Great as an aperitif or as a dessert wine. R79 a bottle.


These are great summer wines! Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Pinot Noir. Only R85 a bottle


Wine tasting, restaurant, Cellar tours and weddings = a one stop shop!


Opening times:


A great day out!


74% 76% 54% 79% 85%

Best for smaller groups of people (2-4 people).
Not suitable for kids.

Click HERE to view the ranking of this farm against others I have already reviewed.
Booking is not necessary. First come, first served.

Good in Winter but better in Summer.


Tel: +27 21 876 2630 | Fax: +27 21 876 8501

Lambrechts Road, Franschhoek, Cape Town
P.O. Box 245, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa
Co-Ordinates: 33°54’51.63″S : 19° 8’7.90″E

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