No. 10 Durbanville Hills – Durbanville

If you enjoy good wine, amazing views, Biltong and chocolate, then this is just for you!
Meet wine farm number 10 – Durbanville Hills.


I have visited Durbanville Hills before and felt that it was too stark and unwelcoming.

That is not the case anymore!


I heard about the biltong and wine pairing and just had to give it a try!


This is the biltong and wine paring.
For R95, they give you quite generous portions 😋 I especially loved the Rhinofields Pinotage paired with Kudu Biltong! It is called the Rhinofields range after the Fynbos plantation in the area which is conserved and therefore rare, produced In smaller quantities. Rich and fragrant, incredibly smooth tannins. On the nose, black currents, cherries, cinnamon and Tabacco/coffee. R125 a bottle. 🍷


Yes guys, they also have chocolate and wine pairing 😍 for R80, you have to try it! I enjoyed the Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc with the Morning Mist white chocolate. Soft lime and tropical fruit brings a clean crisp finish to the wine and then the white chocolate introduces apricot and sea salt to the palate. Yum! And so cheap at only R55 a bottle.




What a pleasant surprise. It has changed since the last time I visited and the decor had improved.


I quite like the option of the bar area if you are a couple.


I especially loved this part of the tasting room that overlooks the wine cellar.


When I visit a farm, I like to visit unannounced to get the real experience.
This time around, my friend made a booking 3 days before the visit.

Unfortunately her name was spelt wrong even though we booked via e-mail 🙁
None the less, we were smiling when the chocolate arrived!

We were given the worst table as it was in the draft of the open door (it was freezing that day).
We had a visitor from Dubai and were quite disappointed that we were not given a better table. It was really busy that day but still, it would have been nice to have been offered a blanket or indoor heater to keep warm but there was not that option.

When I visited for the 2nd time, this area was much more comfortable and warm.



So, the learning here is:

  1. Book in advance. +27 (0)21 558 1300 |
  2. Ask for a specific table by the window, by the fire place, on the couches or if it is a nice day – a table with a view outside.
  3. Make your booking for the late morning and not the afternoon when it is the most busy.


How beautiful are these views from this panoramic window? <3


Now if you are feeling hungry and want to watch the sunset, then you should book a meal at the restaurant.
It really is top class and has won numerous awards. Click here to visit the restaurant’s website.



I really liked the modern/contemporary feel.


Look at these fantastic views!



I did not make a booking at the restaurant but it was relatively quiet and I asked for a glass of Pinotage to enjoy the sunset with.
I tell you what, if you can manage to just sit here for a drink and watch the sunset, then do so!


Incredible and just so romantic <3 Cheers!



This is the outside area if it is a nice day.


If the kids are joining  you, there is a small kiddies play area.


I really enjoyed this wine farm being so modern. It is not often that you get a modern farm as most are steeped in history.



If you want to make a day of this visit, then you can. I recommend booking a cellar tour!

Read more about it here.


IMG_1088                                    IMG_1040

77% 90% 40% 87% 91%

You can bring your kids if it is a sunny day as there is a play area.
Good for most groups of people (2-8 people).

Click HERE to view the ranking of this farm against others I have already reviewed.
Not recommended for children however there are colouring in activities.

Booking is recommended: +27 (0)21 558 1300 |

Good in Winter but better in Summer.

Here is my experience:


What did you think?


You can also have a look on Trip Advisor:

2 thoughts on “No. 10 Durbanville Hills – Durbanville”

  1. So happy you decided to head back the second time despite the dissapointing first visit. I absolutely love this farm – their biltong pairing remains one of my favourite. Some other highlights to note would be one of the restaurant picnics. For the price, the food provided is not only delicious, but good portions and varieties are provided. I’ve also had their food and wine pairing which was out of this world. I head back to DVH any chance I get. Excited to read more of your reviews on the rest of the wine farms in the area and in Stellenbosch. Especially keen on hearing about pairings.

    1. Hi Toni. Thank you so much for your suggestions and kind compliments. Please do let me know if you come across any other tips or wine experiences. I would love to hear about them. There are so many hidden gems in Cape Town 😊🍷🍷

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