12 wines pre-selected for you!

I am so excited to hear that Michael Olivier, a big name in the wine and hospitality industry, has just introduced a new wine sharing concept called wine4friends

You will be able to order a box of the best wines, handpicked by one of SA’s top wine connoisseurs, delivered straight to your door.



There are currently three different boxes on offer at surprisingly good prices: 

Mid-week Wonders R1 100: Perfect for easy drinking every day pairings with mid-week lunch/dinner.

Michael’s Choice R1 500: Includes some of Michael’s favourites and some rare finds which are sometimes hard to get hold of.

Splashing Out R2 200: A few exclusive and more unusual wines, perfect for special occasions.

Altogether, the three boxes represent wines of 15 wine estates, all chosen specifically for each different box by Michael and the wine4friends team. There are also some other boxes in the pipeline and the summer offering will be announced soon.

Delivery is free anywhere in South Africa and it will take about a week for a box to be delivered straight to your door. For more information on the different wine4friends boxes, special offers and competitions, visit www.wine4friends.co.za or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


I like to think that there are enough people out there who enjoy wine and would like to have an introduction to wines of which they may not have heard of yet. The boxes will have three bottles at most of a wine type, so they will have lots to try each time. With so many wonderful wines out there, it can be daunting to know where to start, or what to try next – so why not leave it to the experts?” says Michael. 

**Michael studied at the London Cordon Bleu Cookery School and grew up on his parents’ wine farm, where his passion for wine was born. He has his own website, michaelolivier.co.za and broadcasts on Fine Music Radio in Cape Town and Radio Today in Johannesburg.

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